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Dealer/Vendor Rules

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Dealer/Vendor Rules Empty Dealer/Vendor Rules

Post by DuctTapedGoat on Wed Jun 17 2009, 10:31

Dealer/Vendor Rules

1. You are here to speak about your product - do not mention any other competitors' product or your post will be deleted.

2. No multiposting/spamming the board! Your post will be deleted.

3. No dead links - it is your responsibility to upkeep your advertisements. Your post will be deleted.

In addition to your post in question being deleted, you might also get a NERF'd account, loss of ad on website (with prorated refund), or even banned! There is no "violation count" until something happens, it's case by case and will be dealt with fairly, so don't go thinking I'm a jerk. I gotta put it out there.

Play by the rules and we'll get some exposure for your company!

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