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MxB Forum Rules

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MxB Forum Rules Empty MxB Forum Rules

Post by DuctTapedGoat on Tue Jun 16 2009, 18:12

MxB Forum Rules

1. Be respectful to the other members! Failure to comply will result in temporarily NERF'd account.

2. Vendors - you gotta comply with vendor rules! Failure to comply can result in a NERF'd account.

3. Take heed when you're warned from Admins/Moderators! Failure to comply can result in NERF'd account or even banhammer.

4. Try your best to use proper grammar and punctuation, it helps a lot! Failure to comply can result in your thread being moved to the "Speaking in Tongues" category.

5. Read other posts before you ask a question! It might be already answered. If it is answered and you remember the post where it's answered - just respond with a link and we'll close it ASAP.

6. The minimum age to join is 17 - this means that foul language can exist here. If you don't like this, you can explore one of the many family friendly MxB sites. We're gearheads - I don't expect you to be using teacozies. I did go ahead and censor the F-bomb though, just to keep it from being abused.

* A NERF'd account does not ban you - but it does put very extreme limitations on your account. There's no chart for different levels or amount of warnings - it's case by case.

That's really all there is to it! Use some common sense, and have fun!

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