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Treassures in another mans trash

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Treassures in another mans trash

Post by elgallo on Wed Feb 25 2015, 23:40

so i have been riding around using the happy time/china girl motors for some time. they have been fun and a great learning process. but now i have moved on. at first i was not keen to using 4 stroke engines mostly because the number of different components that make the engine run. i was a little scared that i would do something wrong and just have a really cool looking paper weight. it started with bulk collection in my area. a neighbor was tossing a lawnmower and down the street another lawn mower with no wheels. at first i wanted the engines for the internal parts too make little crafts that you would see at the flea market.

so in looking inside these motors i had an a realization that my insecurities about not being able to make something like a 4 stroke work was all in my head. so i had cleaned them out and looked up how to make a vertical shaft motor into horizontal. lots of controversy on that subject but if you have some mechanical skill and some ingenuity you can make it work. both engines ran in the horizontal position with out any problems.

now its when it gets to be fun.

so i started going o the recycle yard not for scraps but for engines. people constantly throw perfectly good engines way for many reasons. but whatever it is its been to my pleasure to resurrect them.
i have found genuine honda gx200 two of them and the gx160 for "upgrade parts" also have scored a suubaru ex21 and subaru ex17. i have yet to identify the briggs that sits the same way the other engines are,not up right. tecumseh 6.5hp and numerous flat heads. all these engines should have a home by the end of the year but man its been really awesome finding these at such a cheap price.

ill post some pics now of the current engines i am working on.

this is the honda gx200, reperposed a kit carb and intake to fit the motor, used gx160 head flat top piston and flywheel(4degree advance), used a scour pad for air filter, and rig a throttle link to standard carb when it was on the motor.

this is the subaru ex21 thats getting a similar treatment, the only that was changed is the use of the ex17 head for more compression that has been slightly worked on(all corners and sharp edges trimmed and sanded down for better flow. what i love the most about the subaru is that they use a a timing chain and over head cam.

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