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Macgyver-ing It

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Macgyver-ing It

Post by Fabian on Tue Mar 13 2012, 05:01

Considering it was a beautiful (March day in Melbourne), i decided to take the opportunity to make the most of it; with a fairly serious ride and it was going splendidly well until the tyre sidewall decided to unzip itself from the tyre bead.
As i wanted to get to my destination, nothing was going to stop me, not even a 3 inch sidewall tear, closely followed by a second sidewall tear.
The solution was straight out of the Macgyver handbook:

1) Deflate tyre.
2) Push (thorn proof) inner tube back inside tyre.
3) Wrap tyre and rim with a stack load of duct tape.
4) Inflate tyre to 20 psi
4) Proceed to alpine destination and 'job done'.

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