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best options for first build

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best options for first build Empty best options for first build

Post by shaggybirdman on Fri Mar 10 2017, 03:31

ok guys i need to pick your brains a bit. im a big guy. in the stock pedal bike forums as a Clydesdale. there's 1 issue. in NY we can only have a 50cc motor. i kinda think id need a 80cc motor, or maybe a 4 stroke? Ive been looking at the motor kits on eBay, and wonder if one of them would be a good choice? the price sure is nice. $100 for a 50cc delivered, and a 80cc $103 delivered. ill be honest id like the 80, but gotta see if the bike gets a look over. if so i need to use a 50. if not a 80 mite be in my future.

Ive watched some videos on you tube and there are some upgrades that clam 30 mph. i only for see 1 issue. the down tube on my bike is fat. i hope the front mount is removable so i can fab a usable mount. anyhow i hope you guys can steer me in the right direction.

is there any advantage to using a rear motor belt drive? id like a 4 stroke so i don't need to carry oil on long rides. well this is enough for now. please point me to a good motor kit. oh ya. is there basically just 1 motor out there  re-branded? i know there's  modified motors, but don't need/want


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