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Motorized Bicycle Racing Video Game

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Motorized Bicycle Racing Video Game Empty Motorized Bicycle Racing Video Game

Post by DuctTapedGoat on Tue Feb 14 2017, 00:22

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Cool Motorized Bicycle Racing Video Game
I just released my first video game.
Motorized Bicycle Racing - 48cc China Girl Edition

I have some updates to do, like that the toolbox is going to have all of the essential tools to build and maintain a quality bike listed out, as well as necessary upgrades and power performance modifications and advertisers for new products placement. Ultimately, it will be a MUD RACER where the users can enter their real world stats like chain count, sprocket size, wheel size and compete other players as well as wind and roadgrade.

I just finished this about an hour ago.

I'm a duct-taped goat.

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