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Antique project becomes a monster task..

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Antique project becomes a monster task.. Empty Antique project becomes a monster task..

Post by James Cagney on Tue Jan 06 2015, 10:47

Yeah, boring life here without doubt , I'm unsure if I loaded this earlier it's a brief slide show. Features an old bike that I must now replace the front bearing on after attempting to separate the two sprockets attached. I'm attempting to complete this and it's been a long project that I'm doing rather poorly with at this point.My only option to set this up so it can be started by the motion of the rear wheel is to disassemble it again. Need to shorten the engine bracket and lighten it as much as possible as well to fit. Add a clamp or billet to the brake hub to drill a pair of hole in a new 23 t sprocket and lock the brake hub with a slide bolt and cotter key set to turn the engine over then pull the bolts once started. I can use the three speed or leave it a single I want to use the 3 speed it's a new wheel set but it's a giant  task to set this up to work with a roller brake as well you are not serious! and yet needs more to finish beyond that point excluding repainting it once completed  

November 2015,just stopping by quickly yeah setting up the old speedster with a shift kit went nowhere so now after some readjustments going to try to finish it up again after removing most of what was attached. I'll post something worthy one of these days ...

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James Cagney
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