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Newb here, need engine suggestions!

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Newb here, need engine suggestions! Empty Newb here, need engine suggestions!

Post by Bosshoag on Wed May 21 2014, 11:57

So today I decommissioned my bicycle engine.
It's been neglected for too long, spent some time out in the elements gathering rust and storing water where it shouldn't.  In my unsuccessful attempt to bring it back to life this week, I started with preparing the bicycle so it is functional again (needed a new tube).  Next, I broke a rusted screw head off trying to get into the magneto to find that it was coated in some nice looking rust.  After that, I took the clutch cover off and had to tap on the clutch plate with a hammer while applying pressure to the drive system to unlock the rust there.  Finally, I took the jug off to examine the cylinder and rusty brown water poured out of the bottom end.  It's done.

So, on to the next build!!
I still have a CNS Carb and an expansion pipe exhaust that I'd like to use on the next engine if possible, but I've heard rumors of four stroke engines that last a long time and something about a V-twin 2-stroke that kinda excites me.  I'm a poor kid fresh out of college with mountains of student loan debt so I'm not looking to spend much more than $250 if I even spend that much.  I think the first motorized bicycle I built and sold had an angled spark plug and it seemed to have much more low end power than the one I just decommissioned.  Might attempt to go that route again.  

Thanks for reading and please post comments, questions and suggestions!

Here are some pictures of the last build:
apparently i'm not allowed to post pictures, says max size per file is 0 mb...


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Newb here, need engine suggestions! Empty Re: Newb here, need engine suggestions!

Post by elgallo on Tue Feb 24 2015, 21:31

if your familiar with these engines gasbike and others even ebay has a build yourself motors for $99

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