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Hello Everyone!! :)

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Hello Everyone!! :)  Empty Hello Everyone!! :)

Post by nightwalker on Sat Feb 08 2014, 20:16

Hello Everyone on this awsome form. So Glad that i can talk to people about this. Im kinda clueless. I got a brand new kit and another one from this guy. So i have 2 66/80cc whatever bike motors and set up. I recently got this aluminum Stick to make and dremel and cut for the Tensioner. Put a new drive gear sproket and swapped it cause i have bigger chain. The problem is Now everythings set up pretty good, and with the clutch level pulled in or out now after one ride around the neighborhood (one big circle) It outta nowhere spins going forward and wont spin the motor and now im just clueless to what to do. If i go backwards it snags but forward wont do anything but spin free so im kinda worried. I need it to just roll start again but idk why it wont outta nowhere. Please anyhelp.
Btw im From Augusta,Ga Hick state. lol Nice to meet everyone. I Hope someone knows. Ill attach some pics of both kits.


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Hello Everyone!! :)  Empty Re: Hello Everyone!! :)

Post by elgallo on Tue Feb 11 2014, 01:43

Ill come back tomorrow wife is mad that I'm up. 138 right now.
But that tensioner would be the cause of your problem. Those things, no matter how many ppl praise them(they are benefiting from you buying them) don't actually work. The tension rate of the spring is not correct for the application.

Be more specific, in detail about what is happening.
Don't speak in tongues, use auto correct and use proper English.
I will help but if I can't understand you....

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