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Introduction Empty Introduction

Post by cosworth on Mon Feb 03 2014, 20:07

I'm new to this site and would like to introduce myself.  I've only had one attempt at building a motorized bike but am very proud of it and get lots of compliments on it.  Unfortunately I have to much money in it to sell it and move on to my second project.  I'd like to build a four stroke with a jack shaft and utilize the bikes gearing.  Would be interested in any suggestions as to which set up is the best to use.  I'm thinking one that utilizes the Honda 50 as my preference.


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Introduction Empty Re: Introduction

Post by elgallo on Tue Feb 11 2014, 01:33

Hello and welcome cosworth
The happy time/china girl is just top get you started in the MB world. Endless tangents on what to do and setups. Unfortunately after this point you will be spending some money on your projects. Don't be discouraged the experience and knowledge is priceless.
As for engines go, anything Japanese would be key.
Good luck and happy trails.

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