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Grubee G-4 Insellations

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Grubee G-4 Insellations Empty Grubee G-4 Insellations

Post by tom Stockstill (Deluxe) on Thu Dec 26 2013, 22:04

Smile Hey! Old timer here, Have spent the last year or two completeing 3 ea Grubee G4 kitted Phatt bicycles, Can help with refinements and improvements,Mostly favor the conservitive usage by Sr's Ha!" Eng. quality seems fine" ,refinements are to assist in better perf and reliability. But prefer to assist folks who seek qiuet and smooth operation .( For what a safe fast bicycle costs ya can buy a good used motorcycle maby!) Not to offend of-corse, but  Really can possibly help on this application-Not a bis simply a retired gearhead, (Full time fab,parts and re-cond bis last 19 ys's)  Cheers, "T" Tom Deluxe, Missoula ,Montana

tom Stockstill (Deluxe)

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Grubee G-4 Insellations Empty Re: Grubee G-4 Insellations

Post by elgallo on Mon Dec 30 2013, 23:53

Welcome to the site.
I think it's great that you can give input to the fourstroke crowd.
I too started to fabricate my own things so hopefully we could share some pointers in the future.

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