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Hello from Wales! :)

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Hello from Wales! :) Empty Hello from Wales! :)

Post by FurryOnTheInside on Fri Oct 04 2013, 15:25

Hi everyone! I'm totally new to motored cycling. I've been riding and building bicycles for many many years, but never been a car driver or used motors of any sort, except when I had a motorscooter type toy vehicle for a week, until it broke my shoulder (4" front wheel rim was too small to roll to a stop with a puncture so I did the air-to-ground-missile thing), it vibrated so much anyway it was not a pleasant machine to ride.

I used to build and ride 20" freestyle BMX, 26" mountainbikes, 24" mtb-BMX-hybrids, and more recently I'm riding road-going 26"-wheel bikes because I love to go out and freecamp at the beaches or in the mountains. I have knee problems from my BMX days, which is making it harder for me to cover distances that I need to; plus I tend to carry "quite a lot" of cargo on longer journeys which makes the going rather hard and increases the amount of cargo I need (to stay out longer I end up with exponentially increasing water/food requirements). I travel on the coastal cycle paths and mountain back roads of Wales so it makes sense for me to look into motorising my bicycle now as well as towing a trailer for cargo capacity.

My donor bicycle will be my Carrera 'Subway 2' 26"-wheel roadgoing mountainbike with a 20" (BB to toptube) alloy frame, 2" diameter downtube, proper 1&1/8" headset, cable operated disk brakes, and a so-called suspension seatpost. I have a rear pannier rack for heavy stuff (food and water mostly), a front lowrider rack so I can carry fleece tops etc on there, and I'm planning to get an Extrawheel 26" single wheel trailer to carry my tent etc. once I've fitted the motor inside the front triangle.
The motor I'm thinking of using is the 69.7cc "Evo4GT" as sold by Transformercycles in the UK. It comes as standard with a slant head and 8mm studs, and looks a bit nicer than the other one available in the UK, at least from the outside. I've no idea if it's looks should be interpreted as a better chance of being "a good one".
I'd like to upgrade from the basic china motor kit setup before I even begin building, with any upgrades or mods that are nessesary to make it a functional long-haul adventure mountainbike. My focus will be on building a bike that is reliable, not too noisy, and doesn't vibrate too much. I am not interested in top speed; I am interested in endurance. I would quite like to ride my bike to Spain. Smile

I'm here on MotorizedBikeForum to do my homework so that the build will go as smoothly as possible, and for this type of build I will of course be following in the footsteps of Fabian; so I'd like to thank him right here in my first post, for doing the trial and error and pain, frustration and spanner throwing, documenting his build and publishing his exploits so widely, so that others' like myself can benefit. Smile

I will try to photograph and document my build as much as possible once it gets underway. Smile



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Hello from Wales! :) Empty Re: Hello from Wales! :)

Post by Fabian on Thu Apr 03 2014, 00:45

Good to see you on the forum.


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