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wiring up a light

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wiring up a light Empty wiring up a light

Post by rondo on Sat Nov 24 2012, 21:19

can u wire up a headlight to the magneto on a 2 stroke 66cc? how many volts should the light be? how do u do it?


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wiring up a light Empty Re: wiring up a light

Post by biknut on Mon Nov 26 2012, 17:13

Yes, you can run a light off the white wire. 6v is about all it will handle. Most people don't seem to like doing it though, because it saps a lot of engine power, and makes it hard to get it to idle.

That's just what I've read, I've never tried it myself.


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wiring up a light Empty Re: wiring up a light

Post by Chain Driven on Wed Oct 23 2013, 06:45

Just a thought - a DC capacitor could be used to lighten the load on the engine - once the capacitor builds charge, the connected light shouldn't be pulling so hard at the peak of magneto power output, and this should also keep the light from strobing. You might also connect a charging circuit and rechargeable battery in parallel, to charge during the day and release power at night, which should reduce the engine drag too. I have not tested any of this myself though, it is just theory in my head at the moment. I personally have decided to use high lumen flashlights and tail lamps that run on common AAA and AA size batteries for maximum flexibility - I could either use rechargeable NiCD, NiMH, Lithium, or Alkaline. Or just use cheap standard non-rechargeable batteries of any brand. Maximum flexibility with reasonable to excellent budget cost.
Chain Driven
Chain Driven

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wiring up a light Empty Re: wiring up a light

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