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Friction is better!

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Friction is better! Empty Friction is better!

Post by FrictionNut28 on Sat Aug 18 2012, 18:36

friction is definatly the choice for me. Living in florida with no hills its sweet! I ride my kit to work everyday while my 2009 tahoe with a big v8 just sits..Every once in a while i see another motorized biker usually pulled over tinkering with something along side the road. I prefer to ride my bike not work on it! No tension pulley's, no chains, no sprockets, no clutch=No break downs! Don't forget the one bolt installation! For real the entire kit is held on by one 3/8 bolt. Also the entire engine slides on and off the bike within seconds!!!


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Friction is better! Empty Re: Friction is better!

Post by Fabian on Thu Jan 10 2013, 16:59

FrictionNut28 is a spammer for Bumblebee, by his own admission:

Go here to read about it:

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Friction is better! Empty Re: Friction is better!

Post by Chain Driven on Wed Oct 23 2013, 06:09

Ah, I just came to realize what kind of drive system this guy is talking about. That kind of drive system is why I hadn't even considered in the past having a motorized bike, because this system is nothing more than putting a side grinder to your rear tire. This type of drive is bulky, off balance, and causes excessive wear to the rear tire. I wouldn't have bought a motor for my bike if this drive system was the only option. Chain drive (or belt drive, cool idea) would be the only way for me for a motorized bike. I wonder if there is a spline drive belt system for the 80cc engine kits? That would seem to simplify the issues had with chain (at least for the way mine is set up - I didn't get that expensive cross-over pulley set for using the bike's original gears).
Chain Driven
Chain Driven

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Friction is better! Empty Re: Friction is better!

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