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Rode almost a 100miles today

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Rode almost a 100miles today Empty Rode almost a 100miles today

Post by FrictionNut28 on Thu Jun 21 2012, 19:27

I rode my bumblebeebolton almost a 100miles today with 3 of my friends. It took us about 6 hours we stopped and ate and took our time. What a great ride though. i cant believe how relieble they designed these kits. I just installed the new urethane drive wheel and it works great. It doesn't slip at all and seems to be alot tougher than their old delrin drive wheels..

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Rode almost a 100miles today Empty Re: Rode almost a 100miles today

Post by Fabian on Mon Aug 13 2012, 08:30

The standard single speed chain drive is rubbish, but that's why you get a Sick Bike Parts shift kit and "install it correctly", then you will have endless reliability.

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