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Hello from Indiana.

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Hello from Indiana. Empty Hello from Indiana.

Post by Brushy Bill on Sun Jun 17 2012, 18:37

Recently started researching motorized bicycles. My net searches led me here.
There are so many options out there. Will be a while before I start spending
my time and hard earned money. So much to read, study and learn.

Just fortunate to have forums like this to learn from those who have been
down the road and back. It helps guys like me who firmly believes in doing it
right the first time.

After about a month of research of the different types of bicycles being
motorized. I don't think I will be happy until I have one of the "Board Track
Racer" tribute bikes to roll out on.
So that is the object of my quest.
Will probably be spending the cash for one of the 70cc motors from
Rock Solid Engineering. It sounds like they go to great lengths to provide
a good, solid motor.
Looks like the shifter kit from Slick Bike Parts is a must have item also.
(to me anyway)
As a journeyman toolmaker, I find it quite ingenious/creative.

I had a 13 year stretch of cycling an average of 5500 miles a year.
Health problems have forced me from the long distance/everyday riding.
I do get out occasionally for short trips on the mountain bike.

I personally don't have much to offer. I have 36 years toolmaking and design
experience, but absolutely no experience with motorized bikes.

Thanks for allowing me in, I hope to make good use of your advice and experience.


Brushy Bill

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Hello from Indiana. Empty Re: Hello from Indiana.

Post by Fabian on Mon Aug 13 2012, 08:51

Hi Bill

Rock Solid makes some good gear.
This site is accumulating a nice resource base as time moves on.


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