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HiDeHo from the Desert.

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HiDeHo from the Desert. Empty HiDeHo from the Desert.

Post by KCvale on Tue Oct 11 2011, 11:56

Hi guys.
I got Goats e-mail and headed in.
The system remembered me but it looks like all previous posts and stats were lost?

I feel for you DTGoat, It's a bummer starting over and loosing a domain name.
Try GoDaddy for your DNS stuff, I have over a dozen domains with them all pointing to my own co-hosted fiber optic powered Windows 2003 server with 4 TeraBytes of HD space.
GoDaddy won't let you forget to renew, they start hounding me in e-mail and even with postcards 3 months before a domain is about to expire.

This is my primary ride, a 2009 Giant Suede 3-speed with the wheels replaced with a set of new wheels from a 2011 Cadillac Fleetwood bike with NuVinci rear gears and disc brake.
Port matched 2010 66cc factory black Skyhawk and CNS carb, SBP air cleaner, HP plug wire, Iridium plug, Jackshaft, and modified expansion chamber.

HiDeHo from the Desert. KCbike10-2011

I had the muffler shop around the corner fit that for me using a glass pack.
It really lowers both the sound DB's and pitch. It doesn't sound like a Harley, but it don't sound like a weed-eater either ;-}

HiDeHo from the Desert. KC KC's Bikes in Phoenix, AZ


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HiDeHo from the Desert. Empty Re: HiDeHo from the Desert.

Post by DuctTapedGoat on Fri Mar 09 2012, 06:25

Hey KC!

I'm glad to see you out here!

It's been pretty hectic in reality for me lately, but I'm back in the black and now I have more free time to dedicate out here. Smile I love your bike, it's really not only a beautiful piece of work, but a great example of the potential of motorized biking. Very Happy


I'm a duct-taped goat.

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