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Parts ?

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Parts ? Empty Parts ?

Post by James Cagney on Wed Mar 11 2015, 08:04

Well I'm back, been cut off of the motored bike forum man what a bunch of nobody's I'm not joking I'd shown some very basic porting and as well was working on a piston change idea but these item I've identified the few of those experts found a differing identity for in so much as my descript was offensive. Anyway I did get the bike up on the table after attempts to get the Nexus linked. Well I've seen it linked in two manners the best of them is to turn it upside down and have a 415 sprocket welded to the hub case so it turns it the primary. The secondary 415 welded to the axle and the opposite side spin freely off the mount that of course must be built to hold the hub. So big deal it's only a three speed and a disk brake can be homemade to mounted on the free spinning end. This bicycle has been a long long project it has taken months to do so little, a tiny amount of porting and a three speed to replace a SBP jack shaft yeah such nonsense I know..

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James Cagney
James Cagney

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