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Now that's one for those hyper inflating the MPH on a bicycle

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Now that's one for those hyper inflating the MPH on a bicycle

Post by Fabian on Tue Nov 18 2014, 02:56

Copied from the BBC website:

Last weekend, the Frenchman (a bus driver by trade) rode his rocket-powered bicycle to a jaw-dropping, white-knuckle-inducing, sphincter-puckering speed of 207mph. Yes, you read that right: Two hundred and seven miles an hour. On a bicycle.

But that's not the impressive bit. Thanks to a Hulk-like grip, he managed to go over the double tonne in just 4.8 seconds, which is over 10 seconds quicker than the Hennessey Venom GT - the car that currently holds the record for the production car 0-200mph sprint - can manage.

Admittedly, Gissy's velo of choice is a bit different to your standard Boris Bike. Without wanting to sound like a MENSA science club, Gissy's bike utilizes a TOWIE season's worth of hydrogen peroxide, which is passed over metals. When this combines with oxygen in the atmosphere, it creates an almighty amount of go that leaves a Ferrari Scuderia wondering which way it went at Paul Ricard's long straight in the South of France.

When the fuse is lit, 4.5 kN of thrust - the equivalent of 560 horsepower - and 19Gs worth of acceleration shoots Gissy at the horizon quicker than you can say many naughty words. Never has the advice ‘hold on tight' been more prevalent.

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