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Tyre options and dimensional sizing

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Tyre options and dimensional sizing

Post by Fabian on Sun Nov 09 2014, 01:00

These photos show the massive difference between high rolling resistance tyres and low rolling resistance tyres. Naturally there are always trade-offs, which typically has grip being sacrificed for increased speed.

These examples are from my non motorised (conventional) bicycle.

Conventional 26 x 2.125 mountain bike tyre vs Schwalbe Marathon Plus (puncture proof) 26 x 1.75 tyre

Schwalbe Supreme (puncture proof folding bead) tyre 26 x 1.6 vs Schwalbe Durano 26 x 1.1 tyre

In the case of the super fast and super flimsy and downright dangerous looking 26 x 1.1 tyre, which happens to be narrower than the width of the rim, it gives the perception of being downright flimsy and dangerous, and on anything other than a smooth well made concrete or bitumen surface, it does indeed feel downright dangerous.

Having said that, it is a super fast tyre; giving a surprising reduction in rolling resistance, so much so, that it feels like the bike has an engine attached to the frame.
I would have never thought that a tyre could make """SO""" much difference to rolling resistance. To be honest, it feels like you are cheating, when installing a set of super fast and super narrow; flimsy and dangerous looking low profile slick tyres to your bike.

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