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Bike Build and Some Questions

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Bike Build and Some Questions

Post by Chain Driven on Wed Oct 23 2013, 03:01

How yall doin? So I guess this is the pace to start...
This is my build so far:

Shall I start from the beginning? Well, I got this particular bike at least 15 years ago (maybe more), and rode it a good bit for about 3 years, until school and chores ate up all my free time, so its been sitting quite a while. Well, while roaming around on youtube, I saw this guy Panofish putting an engine kit on his bicycle. I had been contemplating buying a motorcycle or motorized bike, so this sparked my interest. I went on ebay and found a kit from "motor99motor". I got instructions but they weren't very good (as I heard), and the support from this seller was minimal, so I consulted youtube for most of the build. I got the VERY useful advice that on the slant plug engines, you could just rotate the cap 180 to make it fit in a tight frame. I was gonna upload pics of that seeing as this is the media section, but I get an error that says "Uploaded file is not valid: exceeded attachment maxsize (0 kB)." I've got my own webhosting, so until a moderator can help me out here with that, I'll upload pics to my own server and post them in links. See the comparison for spark plug mounting here: Spark Plug Original and After Rotating Cap

You may notice that I had to make my own front motor mount, I used pipe strap and a piece of conveyor belt since the kit didn't come with the optional mount the instructions said to use.

Just for reference, I notice on youtube that nobody really has a good close-up of their wiring, so
here's mine
. The connectors have double ends on them, so I went blue to blue, black to black, then ran the kill switch to both sides. I don't think the colors on the kill switch matter since all you're doing is shorting the spark module. Just a thought - the white wire is probably for a tachometer!

At this point I should probably say I haven't seen a new bike since I got mine years ago, and apparently they now come with a lot of mounting points for fancy things (found that out while looking for racks and disc brakes), so bear in mind the age of this bike and my complete lack of knowledge of newer bikes and bicycles in general (as I was never a cycling buff). That said, I'm very unfamiliar with the naming of bike sizes, but I get the feeling my bike was smaller than the engine manufacturer intended, so I've got this little problem. (For future reference, I measured my bicycle rim *inside* diameter, and it measures about 20"... does that mean I have a 20" bike?)

As you might have noticed here, in order to even make the carb fit in the frame I had to turn the intake manifold upside down. This puts the carb at a pretty steep angle from vertical, and I suspect that might cause an issue with the float. So thats my first major problem. Any suggestions for that? I've come across a type of angled extended manifold by BoyGoFast; looking at how the engine is right now, do you suppose that would work? I thought about taking some EMT conduit and welding up my own manifold, as I am capable of some simple fabrication like that, but I'm not sure what the rules are for distance from the carb to engine. But anything besides my current manifold would probably flow better, I looked inside that one and it needs some serious porting.

The next issue I have is this - I don't like the supplied chain tensioner. Yes, its made of sturdy stuff, but aside from the fact it is not spring loaded, it looks really unprofessional, clunky, and isn't very adjustable as far as putting it inline with the chain. So I really want to use something else. I looked around and found other rigid types such as this one and nicer ones like this one, and found some spring types like this one and some a little fancier like this one, but it seemed to me like the best route to go would be a derailer (derailleur? whatever) , so this is what I got. A derailer would spring tension it while allowing me to precisely align it with the chain. I'm probably gonna use pipe strap to mount it since I couldn't find any instructions for mounting one on the right side using the hub mount. I might additionally use one of these rigid mounts to help stabilize the chan, or possibly use it's mounting base for the derailer since it is made for tube mounting.

So, my build so far looks like this:
*Before doing any work, I had to take the rims off and get new tires, as these were the 15 year old originals and would pop off the rim due to having a stretched bead.
*This is how it looked after getting the new tires mounted and installing the drive sprocket. I managed to get it perfectly center but still wobbles a *tiny* bit from side to side cuz one of the meaty chunks of rubber has a bit missing from it.
*Here was my first problem during installation. Come on, wouldn't it be easier to make that mount larger and have an adapter to go down smaller? A lot of bikes have a larger tube in front. Anyways, thats where the pipe strap came in.
*Finally got the engine mounted.
*This is after putting the new grips on. You can see here where I didn't put on the clutch lever first. That handle was a real pain to get back off, I had a hard time getting it on in the first place! Unfortunately after getting the clutch lever back on and reinstalling the grip, that inner plastic ring broke (actually it broke earlier, but not that bad). You'd think the manufacturer would realize the rubber will expand after pressing it on.
*Here is a back view of how it looks now. Also a front view. I still havent secured any cables or wiring yet. The main thing I'm waiting on now is getting the chain fixed up. Yes, I know I'm supposed to take some links out. I'm waiting for my chain repair tool to arrive in the mail. I might also look for a half link to take additional slack out, if there are any available for that kind of chain.

Some things I have on order:
*Chain Tool
*The aforementioned derailer
*A speedometer
*A new seat with brake light
*Rear "running" light
*LED 3-watt Headlamp
*White Tire Flys

I've seen the turn signal units but they all seem dim, blink too fast, and are pretty crappy. Also, depending on who you get yours from, they look the same but have different internals, so some are more crappy than others. I decided I probably don't need a turn signal. The reason I got that particular seat is because of the brake light - its the only one I saw that had *only* a brake light with a *physical switch*. All the other stand alone brake lights were some kinda "smart" or "intelligent" crap, which I know wont work properly because once you're up to full speed, any kind of deceleration or road bumps could activate the inertia sensor and give people false braking, after which they'll start ignoring your brake light cuz they don't think you're really braking. I think those kind are dangerous. I'm not sure if the seat light will have a dim "running light" mode, so I got the other light to act as a "running light" at night. The way it mounts, I think it will fit nicely on my factory rear reflector mount. I got two of the headlamps to help with people's perception of how far away I am. I find it very difficult to tell how far away a motorcycle is at night with only one headlamp, especially when the dummy has his brights on all the time and you cant see his two side markers, if he had any. I got the white tire flys as a cheap "ring of fire" imitation. The most noticeable motorcycle I ever saw was a guy who had the ring of fire kit on his motorcycle. His buddy in front had all kinds of multicolor LEDs and ground FX and lights everywhere you could think of, but the guy with the ring of fire was way more noticeable, so I think those will be good for night riding. And they're not any sort of legal color like blue or green or red, so I don't think the cops will have a problem with it.

One more note about the bike so far - I haven't secured any cables or wires, so it is a bit messy looking right now. I will fix that after everything I plan to put on is installed. And yes, my kitchen is messy. I don't have any other workspace though, so it usually has stuff all around tongue

As soon as everything comes in I'll post another update. Please let me know what you think of it so far and if you have any suggestions for the carb!
Happy building! Smile

So, an update already, since I had to wait 7 days before I could post my first message tongue
I ordered a few more things for my bike, namely:
A tachometer to keep an eye on my engine speed;
A seat cover to go over my new seat, since the seat itself didn't have the little indention for privates (!);
And a fully adjustable rack (with a rack adapter to make it fit the top rail) for carrying whatever I decide needs to be carried on my trips.

I've also gotten a few personal protection items to take care of any slow speed road rash that might occur (in case anyone overlooked it, all the colorful words are links tongue). Everything is made of leather and I'm looking at a few other protection items too, like wrist guards and some kind of leather pants.

I'll post another updated picture of the bike once some more installations have been done.
Chain Driven

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Re: Bike Build and Some Questions

Post by James Cagney on Mon Dec 22 2014, 21:03

The white wire turns magically into the red wire behind the blue wire.
Yeah make a video next time ..
James Cagney

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