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Lake Mountain Hill Climb - March 2013

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Lake Mountain Hill Climb - March 2013

Post by Fabian on Thu Mar 28 2013, 06:05

I have no idea what is going on with fuel composition over the Easter break, but it seems to be formulated from turpentine, because the motorised pushbike runs absolutely awful on the stuff and the car doesn't like it any better; giving woeful performance, yet we are paying top dollar for every drop of fuel that goes into the petrol tank.

That aside, i was taken aback by the devastation (more correctly called incineration) of the alpine landscape from Marysville to Lake Mountain on my recent hill climb up to the ski village, and as enjoyable as the ascent proved to be, i had mixed emotions, considering how little forest regeneration has taken place after the bush fire passed through the area three years ago.
Surprisingly, the trees have made a miraculous recovery in and around the Marysville township, but it's only when you start making the climb to Lake Mountain that you fully grasp how intensely hot the fires must have been, because an expansive range of dead (bone white) trees stretches from hill top to hill top.

The photos cannot properly convey the level of devastation in the area.

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