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Tilt-A-Rack bike carrier - Hitch Mount System

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Tilt-A-Rack bike carrier - Hitch Mount System

Post by Fabian on Sat Mar 23 2013, 00:42

After researching all of the hitch mounted motorcycle carriers, i settled on the Tilt-A-Rack as it's the most compact all-in-one system on the market; combining a carrier and tilting ramp offers ease of disassembly and reassembly and convenient in-car storage, but most importantly, it deletes the requirement to physically lift the bottom of the rack to lock it in place, like the Boss Motorcycle Carrier, which also has a tilting mechanism.
The other advantage of the Tilt-A-Rack which i find important is the front wheel chocking mechanism which prevents the bike rolling backwards once loaded on the ramp, as well as holding the bike upright without any assistance.
This feature makes life easier, allowing you to walk away from the ramp and grab tie down straps, and even easier again as the ramp is in a level position when attaching the straps to the bike.

My version is the Tilt-A-Rack 610ACR, but in hindsight i should have purchased the Tilt-A-Rack 410ACR. Unfortunately my car is the limitation and not the rack (foolish for me not checking out this simple oversight): you need a vehicle with a full chassis (like an SUV/4WD) to give the tow bar solid mounting points if wishing to take advantage of the 610ACR maximum loaded weight rating of 600 lbs (270 kilos).

The 410 would be more manageable as the ramp is 12 inches shorter than the 610.
On my car the 610 sticks out 5.5 inches past the left and right hand side mirrors (even though one of the photos makes it appear to look different), whereas the 410  would sit dead in line with the side mirrors.

Having said that, the Tilt-A-Rack system is the best thing since sliced bread for transporting two wheeled vehicles: nothing like compact simplicity of a tilting ramp to load the bike and furthermore, it deletes the need to find storage space for a motorcycle trailer as well as the purchase cost.

I strongly recommend getting the Silent Hitch Pin and a Height Adjuster (if you have a standard car).

If you are going to use the height adjuster, you will need  2  x  silent hitch pins - one for the height adjuster and one for the tow bar hitch receiver:

The Tilt-A-Rack system can be purchased in Australia through this website. It appears to be the exact same design as shown on the Tilt-A-Rack website, but it could be a knock-off version, so the quality of workmanship and materials is "an unknown"

Other hitch mount options include the Australian made Scoot Boot system, but it's disadvantaged because a station wagon tailgate cannot be opened once the bike is attached to the ramp.

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