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Twin Spark Plug Cylinder Head for 80cc Happy Time Engine

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Twin Spark Plug Cylinder Head for 80cc Happy Time Engine

Post by Fabian on Wed Nov 14 2012, 09:47

I have just acquired these delightful variants of the twin spark plug cylinder head, made by CR Machine Manufacturing. They are "must have items" and you won't be able to live with the appearance of a standard Chinese cylinder head ever again, because the twin plug design looks so damn good and purposeful, not to mention the massively increased cooling surface area over the stock cylinder head.
The three hole variant is designed to have a compression release mechanism inserted in the third hole, or you could insert a third spark plug to slightly reduce the compression, if required.

They also manufacture modified OEM pistons with transfer port and exhaust port ramps, as shown in the photos. You can order the pistons with either transfer port ramps or both transfer port and exhaust port ramps.

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