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Wolverine here. Just built a little OCC Schwinn

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Wolverine here. Just built a little OCC Schwinn

Post by wolverine on Thu Sep 27 2012, 22:30

JUst put together my third motorized bike. Found a Schwinn Chopper Bike and just thought it would be a cool little project. Used a Pirate Cycle Hub/Sprocket adapter as I had issues with the rag joint ones that come with the kits. Used a Occ motor mount and custom exhaust. Had to put an offset intake for clearance. Moved the rear brake mounts to upper support to get away from chain. Just got a disc brake kit to adapt to bike for better stopping power. Generator headlight and a speedo to finish it off.


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Re: Wolverine here. Just built a little OCC Schwinn

Post by Fabian on Thu Oct 04 2012, 02:25

Sounds like a good build, especially with the safety upgrade to disk brakes.


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