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Hayes 9" Adapter on an I.S. mount

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Hayes 9" Adapter on an I.S. mount

Post by Fabian on Tue Nov 29 2011, 13:27

For those who have the intention of buying the Hayes 9" V9 rotor and supplied adapter to fit on a standard I.S. mount,this modification will be required.
I would have thought that an I.S. caliper adapter is an international standard all manufactures adhere to but it's not the case with the Hayes 9" caliper adapter.

If using the mount as supplied it will place the caliper to far inboard and the disk rotor will not fit into the caliper brake pads.
The caliper adapter post mounts need to be carefully ground down (absolutely flat and straight) to the same height as a standard I.S. caliper adapter.
In my case it was an Avid 8" caliper adapter supplied with a BB7 Caliper. The differences between the 8" and 9" adapter are plain to see even though they are both for an I.S mounting position.

Once the modification is done, and Hayes 9" rotor fitted you will have around 12.5% more mechanical advantage (stopping power) than an 8" rotor.







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