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introduce myself

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introduce myself Empty introduce myself

Post by hayneseeee on Sat Jul 23 2011, 13:50

Hello everyone just completed assembling a Tritan GT50R friction drive on my old bike. Now I have to get some gas and see if it runs. Since all fuels have ethanol do you do anything different when mixing the gas/oil. Plan to give bike to my grandson. I also am working on a Micargi beach bike with a 66cc Skyhawk. It is complete except for the exhaust which needs to be bent or something. Joined your community because I learn alot from the different forums.
carry on!!!


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introduce myself Empty Re: introduce myself

Post by DuctTapedGoat on Sun Jul 24 2011, 00:56

Welcome to the forum hayneseeee!

We've got a lot of growing to do out here, but it's coming along. Very Happy

Congrats on getting your friction drive going. Personally, I run a product called Ethanol Shield to counter the effects of ethanol in 2 cycle motors. It also acts like a fuel stabilizer in case you let it sit.

When you're bending the exhaust, the best way is to put it between two blocks of wood, put it in a vice and bend it in the center as far from both welds as possible. As well, you can use a torch to help, though it's not entirely necessary. Most importantly, you don't want to bend it while it's attached to the motor.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!

I'm a duct-taped goat.

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